Unscripted Journey Podcast

Welcome to the DREAM Center's official podcast! Listen from members of the community share resources available to students, talk about their experience, and give their take on current events, as well as share expertise on matters affecting our students.

Episode I: Introductions

Meet the DC staff who will assist you in navigating this Unscripted Journey

Episode II: Dreams

How is this pandemic affecting our sleep? Hosts Martha and Marco discuss changes in sleep with special guests, Angela, Sophie, and Allen.

Episode III: Addictions

Host Elisa is joined by Allie and David to discuss their experiences with addictions good and bad.

Episode IV: Impostor Syndrome

We will be transferring our episodes over to the DREAM Center's new youtube channel "DREAM Center". The Link is posted below.


Hosts Marco and Al are joined by UCI Counseling center senior staff psychologist, Louie Limas, and DREAM Center director, Angela Chen, to talk about Imposter Syndrome: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwZTUwUt62xMiwky3yKuzh2ScOaThdmpO