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Battling Silence by Kemi Bello

This reading is a poem written by Kemi Bello, a Nigerian-American undocumented youth living in Texas. She hopes to explore the many facets of the undocumented experience through writing and narrative-building as activism. She is an alum of the University of Houston, where she received a B.S. in Economics and is currently saving up money to continue her graduate education

Read her poem and reflect on the themes of her work.


Read Kemi Bello's poem here:



Immigration Policies and Historical Overview

The following consists of highlights within U.S. history immigration policy changes and laws. 

Higher Education Policies 

What is Allyship to the Undocumented Community?

  • Acknowledge that undocumented students have a right to be enrolled in the university¬†
  • Become informed about the rights afforded by federal and state laws
  • Finds legal alternative ways that assist students meet academic requisites when the students are excluded by law from regular participation in employment, federal and state aid, federal programs, paid internships, travel, or the use of identification forms that they do not have.¬†
  • Believe that children and youth ought not to be targets of anti-immigrant discrimination; i .e., children should be left out of the immigration "wars"¬†
  • Know that a person who has legal status has more power in initiating institutional support and can advocate against prejudice and discrimination¬†
  • Listen openly, yet does not interrogate the student on their immigration status¬†
  • Do not "out" the student to others, without the student's permission¬†
  • Do not encourage students to act on matters that may compromise them when they have the opportunity to adjust their status¬†
  • Create a climate of trust that allows the student to reveal their situation at their own pace¬†
  • Handle student's emotions with reserve, empathy, and support, and refer to appropriate professional campus staff as needed.¬†
  • Follow up on referrals to assess the effectiveness of the referral¬†
  • Is clear about personal motivation in working with undocumented students
  • Is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and respecting the privacy of people who are undocumented.
ally training in action

Four Areas of Allyship