Support of Undocumented Members of Our Campus Community

To the Anteater Community:

Yesterday, President Janet Napolitano announced that the University of California system will protect the privacy and civil rights of undocumented members of our university community (https://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/press-room/university-california-releases-principles-support-uc-community-members).

Federal law safeguards student privacy rights, and the California Constitution and statutes provide broad privacy protections to all members of the UC community. In accordance with the law and UC policy, UCI will not release immigration status or related information in confidential student records without a judicial warrant, subpoena, court order or other legal requirement.

UCI is home to a diverse group of individuals who share the common belief that education has the power to improve and transform lives. Our campus is a place where all members of the Anteater family have a right to work, study and live without fear or intimidation, and we will do what we can to protect and uphold this sentiment. As such, a UC task force made up of coordinators who support undocumented students issued its Statement of Principles in Support of Undocumented Members of the UC Community (PDF), which will be implemented through policies and procedures at all UC campuses and medical centers.

UCI strives to foster an environment in which all are included and given an opportunity for success. We remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting students, regardless of background, throughout their academic endeavors.

Chancellor Howard Gillman