UCI Dream Center

Campus Partnerships

We have maintained strong relationships with professional UCI staff and faculty, many who have the expertise and experience with assisting undocumented students.

UC Immigrant Legal Services Center

The UC Immigrant Legal Services Center provides free legal on campus assistance directly to undocumented and immigrant students, as well as their immediate family members (spouse, siblings, and parents). The following link is directly associated with the UC Immigrant Legal Services Center.

The UCI DREAM Center does not maintain or manage the information submitted to UC Immigrant Legal Services Center.

FRESH Basic Needs Hub

We are located in the same building as the FRESH Basic Needs Hub! FRESH is a student-initiated service that provides students with a free full food and toiletry pantry, confidential consultations, access to supplemental meal swipes, and various life skills workshops. Visit https://basicneeds.uci.edu/ for more information!

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 10AM - 5PM


Housing Resources

If you are struggling financially and cannot afford your housing unit, you may contact a staff member to discuss your options. We encourage students to contact a staff before signing any housing contract. Additionally, we have two themed houses in Arroyo Vista available in specifically for undocumented students. Applications open in spring.

Please email Dr. Laura Enriquez, faculty-in-residence and Assistant Professor of Chicano/Latino Studies (lenriqu1@uci.edu) to learn more.